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Everything you ever wanted to know about double-entry but…

I am often asked somebody once asked me to explain double-entry book-keeping.

Thanks to the awesome Julia Haigh I’m not even going to try because her very engaging and catchy video presentation is so much better than anything I could do. It is her winning entry in a competition organised by the Association of Accounting Technicians to find the best video explaining the principles of double-entry book-keeping in under 3 minutes. Loving the tune!


Principles of Double Entry Bookkeeping


Fortunately a mastery of double-entry is not essential for a successful career as an escort. Our TaxRelief Diary  is a simple to use book-keeping system specially developed for escorts and it doesn’t require you to know the slightest thing about double-entry. It costs just £12.50, but for one week only Lulu.com (who print it for us) have a 15% sale – just quote the coupon TENYEARUK and you can get it for £10.63 plus postage & packing. This offer expires on Friday 18 May.

My apologies to anyone who was expecting an article about double-entry sex and found themselves watching a video about debits and credits. You may be interested to learn that while oral sex is often known as French, and anal sex as Greek, the equivalent name for double-penetration is Italian, in honour it is believed of Luca Pacioli the 15th century Italian monk and inventor of double-entry book-keeping.

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