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HMRC are closing in on undeclared income

HMRC are closing in on undeclared income
HMRC's latest poster campaign

HMRC have launched a new poster campaign – which could be coming to a bus stop near you – as part of their drive to persuade people with undeclared income to come clean and pay up. They also have a special web-site to go with it https://www.gov.uk/sortmytax

Anyone engaged in escorting in the UK is taking a huge risk if they choose not to register and pay tax. You wouldn’t contemplate that kind of risk with your physical heath, so why take it with your financial health? HMRC believe that tax evaders are now more likely than ever to be caught. And by knocking on the tax man’s door before he knocks on yours, and volunteering to sort out your taxes, you will earn brownie points and reduced penalties. If you want an accountant to help you, which is certainly what I would recommend, you might want to look at our directory of escort-friendly accountants.

The posters are, of course, not specifically aimed at escorts or sex-workers, but I do quite like the way they show just the eyes, the only part of the female anatomy which is traditionally not revealed on an escort’s web site.

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