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I’d like to ask for your help

But I only wanted to ask you a few questions!

I’d very much like to talk to one or two professional mistresses or dominants. Let me explain why.

When I wrote the first chunks of what is now TaxRelief4escorts, some 13 years ago, it was aimed very specifically at independent escorts because those were the clients I’d worked with and I had a pretty good understanding of how their businesses operated. But today the regular readership includes a much wider range of adult service providers; and a high proportion of my Twitter followers are professional mistresses or people supplying specialist fetish services of one kind or another. I’m grateful to you for visiting and supporting this site and in return I want to make sure the content is relevant to your needs and answers the questions you want answering.

I also want to make sure I’m giving appropriate guidance to the accountants who are acting for you.

To do that I need to make sure I thoroughly understand the different ways in which your businesses work. I’m aware there are gaps in my knowledge (things I know I don’t know) but as Donald Rumsfeld the US Defence Secretary said while trying to justify George Bush’s war in Iraq, the real danger lies in the ‘unknown unknowns’ (the things I don’t realise I don’t know).

I’m therefore keen to see if I can arrange to meet and talk to one or two mistresses. I don’t want to reveal any of your trade secrets or spoil the magic of what you do, but I am keen to understand how what you do works as a business and the tax questions that it throws up. Basically I’m looking for background information to make sure anything I write here is relevant and realistic. So no interviews, no quotes and no photographs – I’m not a journalist.

I’m based in the west country so meeting for coffee or lunch anywhere within an hour or so of Bristol would be great. And just to be clear I’m not in the market for sampling any services.

If you think you might be able to help or would like some more information please leave a comment below. It won’t be published but I will contact you by phone, text, email, semaphore as you prefer. I appreciate that your time is valuable and I’m grateful for any help you can offer.

And if anyone from other adult sectors, or any accountants working with individuals in the industry, would like to help improve the breadth and depth of this site, I’d love to hear from you too.


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