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Making tax digital diabolical

Making tax diabolical

Fans of horror movies might care to view this innocent looking trailer from HMRC for something called ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD for short), which promises to make tax simpler and free us all from the annual stress of getting our tax returns completed and filed by 31 January. The government have said that freeing businesses …

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Sex Workers’ Opera

I’m supporting the Sex Workers’ Opera, and I think you should too. But before I explain why let me say a bit about a completely different opera. Because while I’m not really qualified to write about sex work I do know a little bit about opera. Today the most widely performed mainstream opera is Verdi’s …

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Does sex work really contribute £5.3bn to UK GDP?

That's the figure the Office of National Statistics (ONS) came up with when asked by the EU to estimate how much prostitution contributes to the UK's GDP. A more intellectually honest statistician's answer might have been "Sorry guys, but we haven't a clue." Fair play to them for having a go, but if you look at the detail behind the ONS numbers it is clear they are based on some fundamental misunderstandings of how prostitution in the UK actually works, and some very iffy assumptions.

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Claiming condoms as a business expense

Whenever the business expenses of sex-workers are discussed there is one item of essential escorting expenditure that regularly seems to cause anxiety and confusion: the condom. The tax position is actually very straightforward. Anyone in business is entitled to claim tax relief for any expenses that are ‘wholly and exclusively’ incurred in the course of their …

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