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Making tax digital diabolical

Making tax diabolical

Fans of horror movies might care to view this innocent looking trailer from HMRC for something called ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD for short), which promises to make tax simpler and free us all from the annual stress of getting our tax returns completed and filed by 31 January. The government have said that freeing businesses …

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The website Rhoda Grant MSP doesn’t want you to know about

Most accountants (other than Colonel “Mad Mike” Hoare, the mercenary and Chartered Accountant, who was eventually struck off after his conviction for leading an unsuccessful coup against the government of the Seychelles) are far more likely to be thought dull than dangerous. So it was a surprise to find that at least one member of the Scottish Parliament wants …

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Need help to get your Tax Return done?

  To anybody who finds themselves continually putting off doing their tax return, can I recommend you set aside just half an hour and waste invest it in watching the very first episode of Black Books in which foul-tempered bookshop owner Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) struggles to complete his tax return after his dodgy accountant goes on …

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