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Claiming condoms as a business expense

Whenever the business expenses of sex-workers are discussed there is one item of essential escorting expenditure that regularly seems to cause anxiety and confusion: the condom. The tax position is actually very straightforward. Anyone in business is entitled to claim tax relief for any expenses that are ‘wholly and exclusively’ incurred in the course of their …

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Payments to drivers

Here’s a tricky question about the very practical issue of whether you can claim payments to your driver as a business expense, and if so what records should you keep. Hi there, I’m an escort working mainly for an agency. I’m declared self employed and trying to fill in my tax return for last year. …

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Tax myths #1 – telling HMRC about your expenses

Today we’re starting a new series of articles debunking some of the myths and misconceptions about tax that I’ve come across while lurking on message boards, talking to escorts or simply eavesdropping on drunken conversations in pubs. This first myth concerns how much detail you have to give HMRC each year about your expenses, and whether you have …

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Do I have to describe myself as an escort?

One of the questions that gets asked frequently is whether when registering with HMRC it is OK to describe your business as something less obvious, and if you do does that limit the expenses you can claim against tax. Among the descriptions I have seen suggested are executive stress consultant, fitness coach, massage therapist, and …

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