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Services for accountants

This website’s mission is to give escorts and other sex-workers everything they need to safely steer a course through the choppy waters of the UK tax system. Some escorts have brilliant business brains and with a bit of encouragement and information are comfortable looking after their own tax affairs. But there are a lot more who want to use the services of a reliable, professional and non-judgemental accountant. There is a market for accountants able and willing to assist escorts, but it not always easy to match them together. All escorts have concerns about their privacy while few accountants are comfortable publicly proclaiming that they act for sex-workers.

Undoubtedly many escorts, particularly at the lower end of the market, do not bother with tax. They dip into the industry for a few years, make some money as part of the hidden economy, and then hope to retire without ever having caught the eye of the taxman. However the internet has made it much easier for women to take up escorting as a career or a long term secondary source of income. Numbers are difficult to estimate but there are a lot more than most of us imagine, and most of them realise that if they are in the business to achieve financial security it does not make sense to put that at risk by ignoring tax.

Taxrelief4escorts is a recognised resource among UK escorts. We are linked to on the main sites which escorts turn to for advice (including saafe.info and escortbuddys.com) and get regular traffic from them. We also come out very high on Google searches for tax and escorts (try it!) as well as some more bizarre search terms – one person found the site after a Google search for: are wellington boots allowable for tax for farmers.

So if you want to increase your escorting client base there is no better place to advertise than here.

Advertising packages

We’ve put together three advertising packages which you will see detailed below. The basic package starts at an annual cost of £300 which will pay for itself with just one good client. The enhanced and premium packages also give you the opportunity to contribute to this site and raise your profile within the industry.

The elements we’ve included are:

  • Advertising on the website. Adverts are set out as a table and there is an example further down this page. The basic advert gives all the information a potential client would need, while the enhanced and premium packages give you the opportunity to include verified testimonials from relevant clients, as well as space for you to add 150 words of any text you want to include.
  • Contact form. We appreciate that you may not wish to openly associate your firm’s name with the escorting industry. For that reason we include a contact form for potential clients to make initial contact.
  • Advertising in the TaxRelief Diary. The Diary is a book-keeping system specially designed for escorts. It may seem antedeluvian to promote a manual hand-written diary when most of the world has long ago graduated to Excel or other computerised systems, but it does sell steadily each year, and although most escorts are very web savvy a substantial proportion do not have or use Excel. The Diary is geared to the tax year, but it seems to sell throughout the year, and because it is printed on demand your advert can be included immediately.
  • Your own edition of the TaxRelief Diary. We will provide you with a tailored special edition of the Diary including customising the front cover with your firm details and logo, a customised title page, three pages for you to use however you wish, and of course no advertising from anyone else inside. You will get a free copy once the proof is approved, a private link to order copies at the usual price of £12.50 whenever you want, and with the Premium package a discount of 20% on every copy. There is no obligation to buy any copies of the diary – just buy as few or as many as you need for your clients.
  • Contributing blog articles. To help you raise your profile and establish your credentials with potential clients and also contribute to the development and direction of taxrelief4escorts you have the opportunity to contribute articles to the blog and add your comments to blog articles. Your articles and comments will be referenced back to your main advert on the site.
  • And to help you give the best possible service to clients in the paid sex industry we will give you unlimited support and advice.

With all 3 packages you can sign up for just one month. We can offer better rates if you choose to pay for 3 months, and if you commit to a full year you get 2 months free.

Advertising packages compared

What you getBasic AdvertisingEnhancedPremium
Web-site advertBasic table advert - see example belowEnhanced - including up to 2 verified recommendations and free-form textEnhanced - including up to 2 verified recommendations and free-form text
Privacy - contact form to avoid publishing your email addressYesYesYes
TaxRelief Diary advert1/4 page1/2 pageFull page
TaxRelief Diary special editionBadged with your firm's details plus 3 fully customisable pagesBadged with your firm's details plus 3 fully customisable pages
Discount on TaxRelief Diaries bought for your clients20%
Contribute guest blog articles1 per quarter1 per month
Contribute blog commentsOn your own blog articlesOn all blog articles - other than those started by other advertisers
Unlimited supportEmail onlyEmail and phone
Author profileYour profile added to the About page
ExclusivityThe number of Premium advertisers will be limited to a maximum of 5
Monthly cost£30.00£60.00£100.00
Quarterly option£82.50 £165.00 £275.00
Annual option£300.00£600.00 £1,000.00
Advertising will only be accepted from qualified accountants (ICAEW, ACCA, AAT or equivalent) with an appropriate practising certificate and professional indemnity insurance. We may require documentary evidence.


Example Advertisement - Irene FCCA, Isle of Wight

Advert title e.g. Irene FCCA, Isle of Wight
Type of firm:Small High Street firm owned by IreneRegulated by ACCA - Chartered Certified Accountant
Location:Isle of WightCovering whole of the UK
Services for:Independent escorts, escorts working through agencies, dominatrices, lap dancers, personal trainers, chimney sweeps. (Maximum 6)Tax self-assessment, tax investigations, tax credits
Fee basis:Fixed fees agreed in advanceFree initial discussion
Payment options:Payment in full on completion of work or spread the cost by monthly standing order.Cheque, Paypal, Credit Card, bank transfer
Recommendations:Testimonial from existing client - Enhanced & Premium advertisers only - maximum 150 wordsTestimonial from existing client - Enhanced & Premium advertisers only - maximum 150 words
Free form text:Enhanced & Premium advertisers only - maximum 150 words


Will I be locked into a long-term contract?

No. You can cancel at any time with no obligation to renew. If you choose to pay monthly or quarterly your advert will run for a month or a quarter. For convenience we ask you to complete a standing order, but you are free to cancel at any time. For annual packages your advert will run for 12 months and you can choose whether to renew at the end of that period. We don’t offer refunds for packages cancelled part way through a month, quarter or year.

How long has taxrelief4escorts been established?

Taxrelief4escorts has been on the web in one form or another since 2003, with major revamps in 2009 and 2012.

How many page hits and responses do advertisers get?

It varies, but we publish a full set of Web-site stats every month. You can see the latest set on our web-site stats page.

What are your future plans for the site?

We plan to add extra content to the site to maintain it as the essential source of tax information for escorts. Specifically we have plans to add pages covering: completing tax returns on-line, the payments on account system, tax calculators, foreign income and tax credits.

How frequently do new blog articles appear?

The blog is a recent addition to the site. Going forward the plan is to add topical blog articles at the rate of one or two per month.

Why do you not provide tax services direct to escorts?

Our passion is writing. Jolyon spent almost 30 years filling in tax returns and is now thoroughly bored by it. And having a client ring him from the VIP lounge of Heathrow airport on a Boxing Day evening to ask how much tax he needed to pay on 1 January (answer: nothing – your tax is due on 31 January) was the final nudge he needed to give up front-line tax work.

Would you consider selling the site?

Anything is possible. We would look seriously at offers in the region of £15,000. Although for half that per year we would consider running the site for you.

Other services for accountants

We also ghost write for accountants’ web-sites and blogs. Our authors specialise in tax, management accounting, sex, religion, and explaining complicated stuff in straightforward language. Contact us to discuss your ideas and for a quote.

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