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TaxRelief Diary – bookkeeping in a book, not in a cloud

Cash based business are always more prone to attack by HMRC, and without proper records the taxman is entitled to estimate your income from your banking records, your lifestyle, field reports, your web site, and any other information available to him. But if you have a good set of records which you write up as you go along, then you put the onus on the taxman to try to prove your records are unreliable. 

The TaxRelief Diary should help you protect yourself against the unwelcome attentions of a tax office investigation.

The law requires you to keep business records which are good enough to enable you (or your accountant) to complete your tax return form each year. If your books are disorganised, full of gaps or non-existent, you are likely to find it much more difficult and stressful to fill in your tax return, and much more expensive if you pay an accountant to sort it out for you. And remember the general rule is that any unexplained money coming in is presumed to be taxable, while any unexplained money going out is treated as personal expenditure and not allowable. So if your books are incomplete or unreliable you may end up paying too much tax.

The TaxRelief Diary is designed to help you achieve these objectives by giving you a simple framework for pulling together the following information about your business:

  • Daily record of your business income.
  • Weekly record of your business expenses.
  • Whether expenses have been paid from the cash you received from clients or from your bank account or credit card.
  • Daily record of your business mileage.
  • Weekly cash account designed to demonstrate where any money you banked came from, and how much cash from the business was available to help support your lifestyle.
  • Weekly notes section for recording any special features of that week – for example tours or reasons you didn’t work.
  • A month by month section for recording regular expenses which you pay from your bank account or by credit card.
  • And new in this edition there is an extra section to help you keep track of your Adultwork Credits.

The 2018/19 edition is now available for £13.75 plus postage. It’s designed to fit into a handbag and it is coil bound so it lies flat and is easy to complete. It also includes a straightforward set of step-by-step instructions. There is a double page for each week, and it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete each working day, with an extra 15 minutes at the end of each week.

2018/19 TaxRelief Diary
2018/19 TaxRelief Diary

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

PS A couple of things to note about the pricing.

  •  If you find the prices are quoted in US dollars just click on the US flag at the top of the page and you should be able to change to UK prices.
  •  You will also see that Lulu quote the price as £13.75 excluding VAT. In fact they are not adding VAT and £13.75 is the price you will pay – plus postage and packing. 


  1. Nikki says:

    I’m hoping someone can get in touch with me. I am trying to get an electronic copy of your diary, as a physical book would not be suitable for me. I haven’t had a response to previous messages I’ve sent so this is the only way I know how to get in touch. Thanks.

    • Jolyon says:

      Hi Nikki

      Thank you for your request about an electronic version of the TaxRelief Diary, and I’m sorry you did not get a reply to your earlier enquiry. We get a vast amount of spam and I’m afraid the spam filter also catches some genuine enquiries too.

      I’m afraid there is no electronic version of the Diary at present. There are a few ways it could be done but none of them would be entirely satisfactory.

      1. I could very easily produce the diary as a normal e-book, but it would not be of any use because you would be unable to fill it in and save it with your own transactions.

      2. It would be possible to create an App. However I would need to buy in help to do this and unless there is a clear demand I am reluctant to go down this route. I also have concerns about data security and confidentiality. On top of all that as Apple is a US based company, where escorting is illegal, I have doubts about whether I would be able to market an App.

      3. I could produce an Excel based solution, and I have thought seriously about doing so. The only thing that holds me back is uncertainty about whether there is sufficient demand. With PC’s and laptops giving way to tablets the use of Excel among sex-workers seems to be going down. To date I have not received a single request for an Excel based Diary, which probably indicates I wouldn’t sell many.

      If you have any other ideas I am very happy to look at them.

      Thanks again


      PS I have tried to email you but your email address does not seem to be valid.

      Sent from my iPad

    • Jolyon says:

      Thanks for the enquiry. The new year’s Tax Diary should go off to the printers on Monday and then be available to order within the next few days.

      • sher says:

        Brilliant. Ive used your books for last 3 years editions.makes my life so easy.
        My accountant says such a great way to sort my finances.

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