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If you have a general question about tax and escorting we’ll do our best to answer it. We will normally do that by putting the question and our response on the blog, minus any names and personal details obviously.

Please note we cannot answer detailed questions about you specific tax circumstances. That’s because it would be dangerous to give advice without having all the relevant information about your situation; and our insurers won’t let us do it!

Questions like “I need to get a new computer to deal with my website, blog and work emails. Does it count as a business expense or will the taxman say there is personal use as well?” are fine, but we can’t answer stuff like “As well as escorting I run a 7 roomed bed and breakfast and I am a part-time shepherdess. If I am getting close to the VAT registration limit should I put one of these businesses into a limited company, and if so which one? And does it matter that I’m a US citizen and pay tax in Delaware?”

And we won’t respond to questions which have nothing whatever to do with escorting or sex-work. And yes, Mr Salesman who keeps asking about tax relief on the subsistence payments you get from your employer, we do mean you.

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